A Child's Destiny

I’m feeling very grateful for the divinations or name readings that we had done for our children when they were born. The readings provide information to us about their future, their qualities, the challenges they will face, etc. really inform us about how to parent our children. The name the reader/diviner deduces from the earth’s energies, comes to reinforce the destiny of the child.

It’s not as much of a guessing game for us as parents and we don’t have to be anxious about certain things in our children's development if we have already been made aware of it, For example, the possibilities of a health challenge or the time it may take one of them to talk versus the others.

What about a child that is born with energies that will have them developing at a pace where it may take them longer in the first quarter of their lives to accomplish certain milestones than the average child we are used to seeing. And what if when you see those delays you resort to the common modern tool of medicating your child or putting her in special education classes to see that she fits in with the average.

In spirituality, I can see that spirits come to life in many variations with a diversity of skills, dispositions, idiosyncrasies and challenges. As a parent, I am tasked with the profound responsibility of providing my children with the balance of nurture and discipline in order to assist them in achieving what they came to this life for. In the midst of that big feat, I’m still working on refining myself...

If you are interested in getting a name reading for your baby or child under the age of eight, contact The Earth Center.

Again, I am grateful to my healer, my teacher, my brother, Naba Iritah, for making this information accessible to us so we can work to be better parents.

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