Ancestors...Why are they Important?

One thing we know for sure is each one of us came from a mother and father who also came from a mother and father and that lineage goes far back in time.

Indigenous cultures around the world acknowledge and honor their Ancestors. Are Ancestors those that came before you from both your mother and your father’s families? Well, it’s not that simple. In the traditions, there are certain ceremonies that HAVE TO take place in order to elevate a relative that transitioned from a dead relative to an ancestor.

The goal is for us to take care of our Ancestors in the world of the dead (Imentet) and when they have what they need, they can take care of us here in the world of the living. Our Ancestors have the capacity and power to affect direct change in our lives in order to bring about things we need and want as well as to block and divert the negativities and problems coming to us too.

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Honor Your Ancestors

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