Can I Always Be Happy?

My father always gives my children what they ask for and then asks, “are you happy?” And they smile with chocolate in their teeth or some treat in hand and shake their heads yes! He doesn’t want to see them suffering or wanting for anything. You may be familiar with grandparents who behave like this.

But aside from grandparent satisfying grandchild, is it realistic to avoid suffering and strive for constant happiness and contentedness? Can we as human beings ever really be totally satisfied?

Have you noticed yourself longing for something, striving for something, getting that something and then turning around moments later and complaining or wishing for something more?

We have one then we want two. We have this and then we want that. Isn’t it always like that? You wanted this woman or man as your love and you got him or her and then you didn’t want them any more. When does it stop? It doesn’t. It is the nature of the human being. We are insatiable.

So what does this mean for us?

We will have to exercise discipline and self-control. Our quality is defined by what we won’t do rather than what we will.

In ancestral times there was a cohesive understanding of what discipline and self-control means. In the current times, the qualifications for discipline are much more far reaching as forbidden territories have also become fewer and fewer.

(see this link to read about forbidden territories)

What do you do to bring discipline in your life and ensure that you are raising your quality day by day?

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