Children Copy Everything! What Kind of Model are You?

If you have children or are around children, you have certainly witnessed the fact that they copy EVERYTHING. They watch those around them in their environment and especially those things that are repeated over and again and these are the behaviors they start to mimic. Sometimes I hear a child of mine talking and their word choice or their phrasing boggles my mind and I have to ask the question, where did they hear that from? Often times it is very easy to point the source back to myself, someone in the house or maybe media outlets.

Human beings in general function this way. Any action we take, any idea we stir up, it is influenced by something we have seen or heard in our environment. When I was first exposed to this reality, I had to really stop and think, is this true? I couldn't believe it because we so loosely use the terms invent and create as if so many ideas originate with us.

Well, I'll leave you to consider this and leave your comments if you think of an idea that was not influenced or modeled after something already in existence in nature or the world we live in.

With seven children walking behind me and watching my every move and listening intently to my every word, I have to ask myself what kind of model am I providing that they will be replicating in their lives and to the rest of the world? I may not remember some of the things I say or do but their brains are like sponges and they remember everything. When they go out into society and function independent of me, how do they represent themselves?

A child's education starts in the home. The home is where the child has the opportunity to learn so many foundational elements about how to behave, what is right and wrong, what kinds of principles they should live by and what territories are just forbidden to cross as a human being in this life coming from a family lineage that long preceded them.

Often times when a child misbehaves or behaves in an exemplary manner, people will question who is the mother? Who is the father?

What kind of model do you provide to your children and the youth around you?

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