Do Intentions Matter?

Why do we value intention? In the end is it the intent or the action that matters? Can we intend good and even think we are doing good but end up committing evil? Does this speak to the missionary who goes to the indigenous villages around the world and condemns ancestral and divine reverence in the name of his or her saviour Jesus Christ? The missionary thinks he is doing good.

Do you ever say "I didn't mean to..." when you are accused of something? It's a common response, right? But once a mistake is made or a wrong done. what we meant doesn't actually matter to existence. The act has taken place and that is what is recorded into our histories. Think of it as a book of your life. Everything you do is recorded in that book. When we die, it is that history that follows us and governs us at the time of death. Consider that Abrahamic religions got this concept of judgement from Kemetic spirituality.

Are your intentions aligned with your actions?

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