Educated to be What?

By the age of 30 I had a Bachelor’s Degree, two Master’s Degrees, a law degree and was barred to practice law in three states. In some circles this could be considered impressive but with all those degrees, I still wasn’t sure what to do with my life. It was clear from my younger years that the conventional path wasn’t for me. Though I could manage to navigate it and do relatively well, my spirit was always driving me to do something else because I just wasn’t fulfilled.

Modern society really pushes education, which has its advantages. But when I came to initiation I was exposed to the idea that education isn’t just valuable in itself but the value comes from a human being being educated toward a very specific goal. We spend many of our younger years being educated very generally on many different things, and perhaps like me you may find that most of the things you learned, you don’t remember and/or never used. So why do we go through this process?

One of the beautiful things about initiatic education is not only are you learning how to think and access the tools necessary to be an intelligent human being trying to survive in nature but along with that, all that one learns is taught to be applied. It is applied learning. It is not learning just to memorize, philosophize or theorize about concepts. It is to actually apply and transform one’s life in order to evolve into a higher quality human being with the necessary tools for survival.

I am so grateful that my initiatic education provided me with the fulfillment I was looking for and the challenges I need to keep growing.

Perhaps the word initiation may turn some of us away because it sounds like something outdated. But there was a time when everyone in society went through initiations in order for a girl to be a woman and a boy to be a man, to learn a trade or to go through certain rites of passage. It is just a process of maturation that allows us to better fit in existence based on the principles that have always governed and sustained humanity.

Check out to learn more about authentic Kemetic initiation that may be offered near you. And in case you’re not interested in initiation, my posts provide information about principles, rituals and perspectives that can assist you in your spiritual growth and transformation.

Thank you for reading and have a positive day!

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