Can I Think Clearly When I'm Emotional?

Updated: Mar 7

Have you realized that when you are angry, sad, worried, or even overly excited, your clarity of mind is compromised? Things become a bit foggy because so much energy is being invested in the emotion at play. I noticed when I have heightened emotions while doing something, when I look back and try to recollect that moment in time, I cannot even recall many details that took place. Have you noticed this before?

In that moment of fog, we make decisions, we say things and we do things we often regret. As we progress on our spiritual path, it is important to proceed with clarity of mind so we don't commit acts that we regret, tainting our history that we are writing for ourselves.

To help us with the process of making clean and clear decisions, there are three questions we can ask ourselves before committing to a decision.

1) Has this been done before?

2) What was the result?

3) Is this the result I want for my life?

Let's take a simple example. I am stressed and anxious about a test I have to take. To address my stress I sit down with a box of cookies and desire to eat the whole box. I know my body doesn't do well with eating a lot of sugar. Before I start eating, I ask myself, have I eaten a box of cookies before when I was stressed? Yes. What was the result of this? The next day I had a headache, and felt sick to my stomach. Is this the outcome I want for myself? No.

Asking these three questions can assist us in avoiding rash decision making. But of course we will need to use self control to follow through with what we now know is the best thing to do in the situation.

Try asking yourself these questions when you make a decision,

big or small, and see if you can commit your actions to be in line with the best possible decision for yourself and your transformation to raising your personal quality.

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