Happy Ancestral Holy Day!

According to the Sidereal Calendar, today we honor our Ancestors by providing them with a food offering and expressing our gratitude to them. Get your copy of the Sidereal Calendar so you know the exact days of the month to perform these rituals.


Before making your offering, you need to purify yourself by doing ablutions. Please reference our Book of Purifications to learn ablutions: https://www.theearthcenter.org/product/the-book-of-purification/

This is the similar purification process adopted by Muslims in the practice of Islam.

A standard offering will be cakes called massa that are made from three different flours (e.g. millet, corn and wheat), mixed with water, and a pinch of salt, You can then lightly pan fry the cakes. Once golden brown remove them from heat and put honey on them. Then you can offer them to your Ancestors.

Please note that you can also offer your Ancestors foods you knew they liked, fruits or milk. There are many food items one can offer but stay away from spicy foods and things red in color. We want sweet things to come in our life so this is why we add honey to the massa cakes.

Here is a quick video outlining the general process.

If you are near an Earth Center location (Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA, Newark, NJ, Baltimore, MD, Montreal or Toronto, Canada, or London) contact us and someone can walk you through the steps of performing your ablutions, making your offering and doing the Kemetic prayer ritual.

May your Ancestors guide and protect you and put good things on your path. Remember, you take care of them and they will take care of you!

Have a blessed day!

Create a designated pure space for conducting your spiritual activities.

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