Honoring the Sacred Divine Feminine

Updated: Mar 7

Mood swings. Unexplainable tears. Irritation. Fatigue. Just not feeling yourself. This unappealing description describes many of us women when we are on our menstrual cycles or about to get there. Of course not something we long for but just the reality many women face. Perhaps these conditions are exacerbated by one's diet, lack of outdoor activities, etc. but nonetheless there is an energetic shift at the time of a woman's cycle.

It's common to hear that women are impure during their cycle but I was astounded to learn from the Benin Voodoo Priestess, Kpessi Kondodo Acakpo (referenced in "Your Mother is Your First Goddess" post), that a woman is not impure but rather the opposite, PURE. This purity is born out of the Divine Mother that is present in every woman and she is working through the woman during her cycle to not only purify her negative energies, but the energies of her children, her husband and her whole entourage.

It is customary in many indigenous cultures for women not to access spirituality when they are on their cycle. This is not because of her impurity but rather because she is just not herself during this time. Whether she is feeling positive or negative, whatever energies she has are multiplied by 41 during the time of menstruation. This would explain the bouts of emotional instability. But it also explains the heightened sense of creativity and productivity.

There's a lot of divine energy working in her via the Divine Mother and it takes a great deal of maturity to harmonize those energies. The inability to do so results in the emotional instabilities that are often undefinable for us as women during our cycles. The inability to control our emotions and anger during this time can result in very destructive reactions due to the presence of the Divine Mother within us.

That amplification of energies puts us in a place where we are able to heal sickness during this time. With the energies she is projecting on her consciousness, she can heal her family. She can do this without herbs or plants but just with her mind. This is why having positive energies and a positive mindset is so important. But she has to know that she has that power and that those solutions are within her.

As a woman, we have to understand and come to terms with the aspects of our femininity that are sacred, find the power in this and utilize it for healing, preservation and bringing solutions to the problems we ourselves, our families and our communities are facing.

All the potential is within, it is a matter of recognition, honor and positive application.

I wish that this information enlightens your perspective.

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