How Do I Know Right from Wrong?

Have you ever noticed that indigenous cultures have common principles, values and ways of life? This is not a coincidence. The roots of all cultures stem from one universal source. That source has a Code of Human Behavior. This Code, also known as the 77 Commandments, to this day, is embedded in traditional cultures through the norms of the cultures themselves.

Take for example, Thou Shall not Be Impure. The everyday practices of Indigenous peoples often entails particularities around cleanliness, order and designated spaces for which those societies are not willing to compromise or forego.

Well… according to our Ancestors, there was a time where humanity lived by 77 Commandments. Yes 77!!

Did you know that the ten Commandments of Christianity come from these 77? The 77 were presented as the Divine Code of Human Behaviour. It is the code that defined what’s right and wrong and what’s good and bad for generations upon generations. It’s not random humans that get to define right and wrong based on one’s own agenda and ambitions. Everyone seems to have ambitions and diverse agendas they want to accommodate. It is the Divine that set the code for us to live by. This way it is something that stays consistent over time. We can depend upon it from lifetime to lifetime.

It turns out that this is the foundation by which humanity lived in order to ensure safety, protection and principles.

Whether we know these 77 or not, all our actions and behaviours will be weighed against this Code of Human Behaviour. This is the origins of the concept of judgement.

Grab yourself a copy just to see what these principles are that will help you to be more harmonious with nature and the earth.

Check out this link to get your copy:

If we harmonize ourselves with existence, we give ourselves a better chance at survival. The 77 commandments are the key to gaining that chance!!


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