How Many Realities are There?

Updated: Mar 7

Do you have a reality that’s distinct from mine? We often speak about "our" realities as if we determine what is real and we decide what exists and doesn't. Existence is a bit more simplistic than inviting billions of people, animals and living entities at every moment to make a determination about what sustains nature and the earth.

I was enthralled to learn that according to Kemetic Spirituality, there is one reality and each human being has a perception of that one reality. Reality is what is imposed upon on us by nature and the Divine. It is for us to fit into that reality.

Reality is dynamic and we are forced to find our way as it is ever-changing before us. This isn’t easy! It is even the reason we may be inclined to try to hold tight and control the people, things and situations in our lives. According to our Ancestors, this is cause for depression. We all experience depression at some point(s) in time. We do so as we try to reconcile our perceptions with reality.

Can you relate to this? Despite the challenge, try and align your perceptions as close to nature as possible. The further we move away from reality, the more difficult it becomes for us.

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