It Starts with You

When I started my journey with initiation which involves the process of giving birth to oneself, I didn't realize how challenging it is to really look at myself. Turning inside and acknowledging my inner demons or the skeletons in my closet is not an easy thing to do. It's easier to criticize others and talk about their weaknesses, than to stop and acknowledge that what I did or what I said was wrong and inappropriate.

The reality is in any situation you find yourself, you are the common factor. This means, when something goes emotionally awry, a good place to start to see what the issue is, is yourself. Often times when you give yourself a chance and do some self-investigation, you will see a pattern in the kinds of emotional conflicts you find yourself in. These patterns can speak to things in your past that developed into behaviors and habits that just became an integral part of the fabric of who you are and you just accepted whatever that quality or characteristic may be.

The next time you find yourself negatively reacting in a situation, take the time to see how you may have caused or contributed to the negativity. What is the behavior I exhibited and why? Where is this negative emotion coming from and what was the trigger? It may take time, so be patient and if you do identify it, don't be hard on yourself.

Develop a mindfulness around the patterns of behavior and once you can identify it, then you can move towards adjusting and altering the behavioral pattern to become something with a more positive effect and outcome. After all, life constantly calls for our adjustment and readjustment in order to fit into existence. With a light heart and some discipline, we can do it!

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