Knowledge for the Afterlife

Updated: Mar 7

There was a time in my life when I had to think about what type of knowledge I wanted to continue seeking and promoting and what benefits will come with that. Being a student for so many years, what information have I obtained that is actually useful? And then if it is useful, for what amount of time?

We spend our lives investing in jobs either because we are passionate about the work or we are trying to make ends meet. Perfectly understandable and sensible as long as we are not harming ourselves or the world around us. However, when I was exposed to the ancestral knowledge that our life on earth is like a dream in a sleeper's night (two minutes) and pales in comparison to the general amount of time we spend awaiting reincarnation, the usefulness of knowledge started to mean something else.

When I learned that there is only certain knowledge that actually comes with us when we transition from earth and that is knowledge that is useful in the after life for the evolution of our spirit, I had to evaluate how much time I spend investing in knowledge that won't benefit me after this earthly existence.

There was a time when investing in that which is necessary for our basic survival included investment in knowledge for spiritual evolution. The consideration for death and the afterlife was one of the most important or the most important concern while death is the surest aspect of a human being's reality.

Is this something you have thought about or can relate to? My wish is that your spirit is awake and seeking useful knowledge to help you in your continuous transformation to be the best version of yourself.

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Have a beautiful day!

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