Life Balance

Spirituality teaches us the forces of nature are two. Construction and Destruction. In Kemetic culture the terms are Heru and Set. Maybe you know of it as yin and yang. In the middle of these two forces lies this beautiful thing we call life! Both forces are therefore necessary for life to exist. However, excess of either one will lead to death or destruction.


Let’s take an example: WE NEED RAIN. On the extreme of the constructive side is too much rain and the extreme of the destructive side is no rain at all. Both extremes lead to loss by flooding or drought respectively. But in the middle somewhere is the balance of rain needed to sustain life. These forces can be identified in all aspects of nature. Can you think of an example?

Our bodies are always working to find that balance so there is no such thing as perfect health. Knowing life is in the balance we can be working to find that harmony for ourselves.

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