Seeking Spiritual Awakening

When I began my spiritual initiation ten years ago, there was and continues to be a challenge I face as a seeker honestly looking for the methods and means to improve and enlighten myself. Of course I came with all kinds of experiences, information and exposures. We all do. But when I came ready to learn from my teacher, I had to confront the reality that if I honestly want to learn from this person, I cannot hold on tightly to what I have and what I think I know. I cannot ask questions but in my mind think I already have the answer. There is a sheer dishonesty in this.

Do you ever engage in conversations and while the other person is speaking you aren’t even listening and you are just conjuring up what you want to say next? As a seeker of spirituality, if while my teacher or elder is speaking, I am not listening and just thinking of what I want to say and caught in my own emotions, there is no chance of learning or growth then.

Being a seeker of spirituality requires that we exercise honesty in our investigations and inquiries. It requires that we detach from what we think we know because we are seekers and when we come to someone who has answers, let them share what they know. After we listen, we will have a chance to think about and meditate on it.

In our own spiritual evolution, many times, we stand in our own way. Otherwise known as self-sabotage. Taking your life hostage. Give yourself a chance. If you are seeking, seek honestly. Seek with an open mind and heart.

Seek Spirituality with an Open Heart and Mind

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