What is Spirituality?

Updated: Mar 7

Is spirituality one of those things that can be defined differently depending on who you ask? Maybe you've experienced that...You go to different events and lectures, read books on spirituality and sure there may be some commonalities but on the whole your mind is still foggy on what it means.

I used to be under the popular impression that spirituality is taking different aspects of what entices me from different religious practices, different entities and divinities (including nature itself), and incorporating it into my life however I want... And doing so with the rituals I fashioned through a mixture of different practices I have observed and read about. I checked out Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Sufism, Christianity...my spirit was just hungry!

But once I started studying spirituality from the foundations of Kemet, doors opened that brought a profound depth of knowledge coupled with a great sense of clarity. Whew!.... What a relief this was!

Spirituality touches all aspects of existence and I honestly couldn’t believe I functioned for almost 30 years without foundational knowledge that for millennia has been considered normal and necessary for a human beings’ journey through life. It is knowledge that has no particular gender, race, political affiliation, nationality, and ethnic group associated with it.

Spirituality is the ever-continuing feat of harmonizing the material and immaterial aspects of existence that affect us in order to know how we fit in this existence. I never realized how close these two worlds, the seen and unseen, really are.

There are principles that govern nature. There are principles that govern existence. There are principles that govern the interconnectedness of the material and immaterial. It is these principles and values that we can all benefit from to achieve the harmony we need.

The unseen or immaterial includes our Ancestors, Divinities and spirits coming from nature.

Have you considered that the unseen realm needs to be taken care of just like the realm of the seen?

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