Stay Positive on Your Journey

One really important lesson I have learned over the years is just how important positive thoughts and a positive disposition are to the results I am looking for. If I want to see my goals accomplished and improvement in my life, anger, grudges, pessimism and the like, do not contribute towards bettering my life.

For me, it requires a constant vigilance to avoid allowing negative energies to disrupt me on my journey. And often I can be the biggest obstacle to the becoming of what I am trying to accomplish. The unseen realm cannot support us and work in our favor when we are ungrateful, upset, filled with negative thoughts and speech, etc. We have heard this same concept delivered in different ways… in essence, we make the bed we lay in or we reap what we sow. Right?

Are you trying to build a relationship, maintain a home, lead a group of people but simultaneously you are having negative thoughts, speech and actions against those people you are supposed to be working with? I’m sure we can find ourselves doing this all too often and wondering why we are getting poor outcomes. Be careful of the negative energies you put out there and how those will affect your outcomes, your own energies and the energies in your environment. Stay positive with a clean heart and you will make great strides in spirituality.

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