The Energies that Sustain Us

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The Science of the Earth's Energies

One of the topics I was fascinated by when I began initiation, was the science of the earth's energies. The science of the earth's energies is called M'TAM and is the oldest science known to humanity. It is amazing we function without this knowledge while it is these energies that give us life and support all life around us,

The energetic channels are called bayuali and yennu. The bayuali channel being the channel of emission and the yennu channel being that of reception- a dialog of giving and receiving. Let's take a conversation for example., If you and I are speaking, when I speak to you I am emitting energies through the bayuali channel and when you receive my emissions you are doing so through the yennu channel. We are having a dialog and that dialog is energetic in nature. Similarly we are all in a dialog with the earth and the energetic channel of emission from the core of the earth is what gives us our energy for life, without which, we wouldn't be alive. And all things on earth have an energetic emission which is received by the earth through the earth's yennu channel.

You can imagine then, the dialog of energies for the earth is very complex while there are so many forms of life participating in the dialog. The goal of the dialog is to maintain harmony. So for the earth, maintaining harmony is not simple.

How to Harmonize with the Earth's Energies

We give ourselves a better chance at life if we are useful to the earth's dialog. As soon as we become an obstacle or disruption to the earth's efforts at maintaining harmony, it will do what it has to to eliminate us, This simply means it will either try and wake us up to making adjustments in order to fit the earth's dialog or the earth will no longer provide the energy through the bayuali channel which will then result in loss of life or self-destruction.

When we opt to do what's less comfortable and corrupt, we give ourselves a better chance at fitting. Corruption always goes downhill. The uphill path or the path of greater resistance, though challenging, is more beneficial to our lives. Choose challenge over comfort and see how this brings about changes in your life.

This may be a lot of information, but I urge you to look into it. I urge you because it is necessary for our survival. It is what allowed our Ancestors to be in harmony with each other, their communities, nature, the Divine and so on.

To learn more about the dialog of energies you can of course enroll in initiation classes at The Earth Center. You can also read the 75th volume of The Rising Firefly magazine: or purchase the Philosophy Podium:

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