The LOVE that Fuels the Family

If we as women have a household and it is running so well, GUESS WHAT? That means we are doing something right in how we channel our energies and manage our family and our homes. CONGRATULATIONS ladies! Of course this is no small feat.

We are the spiritual foundation our family is depending on. Even in the Ancestral realm, I will add, it is the mothers that we look to for ensuring our spiritual foundation is solid. Because of this foundation we provide, we have to really control our emotions. We have to work to exhibit the love, patience, humility and wisdom that is representative of the Goddess Mother’s energy shared within all women. That love that a woman has within her is what is needed in every moment. It is this love that even allows us to procreate, give birth, be present for our children, be the energy source for our husbands and turn something perceivably negative into a positive. If we exhibit intolerance, impatience and anger in our homes, this is the same thing we will see from our spouses and in turn our children.

The roles of mother and wife come with so many responsibilities but they are so rewarding, particularly if we can get the knowledge we need to design our families and homes in a manner that is best suited for the evolution of the family as a whole and everyone’s individual needs.

What kinds of things do you do on a daily basis to bring love and positivity into your home? Share those gems so we can all be the best architects and protectors of our families and households.

Wishing all of you patience, tolerance and love as you move through your upcoming days with your families.

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