To the Motherland

Updated: Jun 25

These past three years have really flown by. Feels like just the other day that my husband and I sat down and he expressed that the time has arrived to relocate the family to West Africa. This wasn't a total surprise as we knew we would have to do this as part of our journey but now it was real, not just a conversation. Of course I was nervous about the assimilation process we would have to undergo in order to adjust to surroundings, lifestyle and languages that are distinct from the norms we have grown familiar with in the US.

Reflecting on the three years, I am happy to say that the move has been very fulfilling, refreshing, enlightening and even relaxing. Life here in Burkina Faso, West Africa, is life surrounded by profound cultural values and principles with common understandings of those things among the people. It is the land of upright people, that is what Burkina Faso means. It surely helps that the sun is always shining and the weather is very warm. No sunshine so many months of the year in the US was tough!

Burkina Faso, West Africa- The Land of Upright People

FIve of my children are in school and loving it! The three older children are fluent in French, the colonial language in this region.

To live in an environment where people are rooted in traditions and values that humanity has held tight for thousands of years, provides a great sense of stability and clarity of mind. These are qualities so integral to spiritual, physical and mental evolution. I am grateful for this opportunity. I will continue to share my experiences as I go.

I know these days many of us are looking in to the possibility of residing in different lands to see how we can immerse ourselves in nature and get a cultural flavor different than what we got growing up. I am on that journey too and it is a bold step to take that comes with challenges but is also so rewarding.

Please message me with any questions or comments you have.

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