Where are You in Space and Time?

Updated: Mar 7

Believe it or not, you have access to an astronomically specific calendar that has been used for millennia. This calendar, called the Sidereal Calendar, is based on the frequency in which the Septet (Also known as Sothis or Sirius) star aligns with the earth every 1,461 years. We are in the 420th year of this 1,461 year cycle. Can you believe that our Ancestors had a record keeping system so dependable and effective that they were able to track this cycle that takes maybe 15 lifetimes to get through? This is Kemetic Culture, the Culture that spanned the globe and sustained humanity generation upon generation. There is so much to share about this calendar but a few highlights are knowing exactly what days to feed your Ancestors, what days to honor the Divine World, what divinity you were born under based on your birth month and what and when the original Kemetic holy days are. What a gift to have this information from our rich history that is still completely relevant and applicable to our current lives. As modern people running from job to appointment to responsibility after responsibility, it is too easy to lose track of the aspects of existence and nature that govern and influence us. We need to bring our focus back to the aspects of existence that affect our lives which are not temporary but will surpass and stay with us life time after life time. Benefit yourself by reconnecting with the Sidereal Calendar to gain a firmer understanding of your place in time and space. Click the video below:

There is also a wonderful DVD that can assist your understandings. Click here to check it out. You can also get your copy of the Sidereal Calendar for the year 419 here. Let's get ourselves properly aligned with space and time.

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