Work-Family Balance: Team Work and Problem Solving

Do you ever feel guilty about the amount of time you work and how little uninterrupted time you give to your children? I have many jobs and I love them all. Having work that I have decided to dedicate my life to that benefits me, my family and our community is so amazing. Even when I grow really old, I will still be doing this work.

Of course work comes with many daily commitments and sometimes unexpected engagements and nuisances so what happens with the children?

Over the years we as a family have gotten really good with maintaining and establishing an order and routine within the house. This is something I learned while traveling back and forth to Meritah (Africa). Waking up early and making sure your house is clean and in good working order is a completely standard procedure here in Meritah. Floors are always swept and mopped, bathrooms cleaned, kitchen cleaned and organized, outside courtyards swept up, and all the things you can imagine to bring order to a home from a prior days work, food and fun. Trying to work and prepare for a new day with the previous day's chaos and grime, is not the norm here in Meritah. I am so grateful for the exposure I got because our family has moved with this understanding and everyday we get organized and prepared for the new day. All the children understand where they fit in the order, might I mention there are seven of them ranging from 20 to 1 years old. If school isn't part of the day's schedule then the children have learned to really work together to assist one another in everything that they do. They know they always have me around since I am home 24/7. But they also know that they have each other to bounce ideas off of, to get assistance in the small things that older ones are capable of doing and they are really learning to be thinkers and problem solvers. This is what I Iove!

Rewind to my childhood where my mom did so much of everything for me because she wanted me to focus on my school work and extracurricular activities. I appreciate her greatly for this, don't get me wrong. However fast forward to the time in my life where I got married and started having children and taking care of a community and I was looking around lost in time and space. I was truly struggling trying to figure out how to do basic things that I probably could have learned when I was younger, for example preparing a few dishes that are tasty and not just edible. With my own children, sure I want them to experience their childhood and develop lovely memories that they can look back on but within those memories I want strong childhood lessons of learning what life will demand of them to do as they grow older. When they arrive at those points in their life when self-responsibility is knocking, I am confident they will have the know how to do what needs to be done and if not, they will have the problem solving skills and thought processes to figure it out.

I am working on balancing my time where I can dedicate portions of my day to my work and portions to my family, however in between, I am grateful for their teamwork, patience and intelligence to work together and learn some of the most basic and useful skills life has to offer. Have an amazing and productive week for yourself and your families!

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