Your Mother is Your First Goddess

To all the Mamas out there, I acknowledge and honor you. We all know it's not an easy path but we know it's a necessary one, one that is extremely worthwhile in both the short and long term. Preparing for motherhood wasn't something anyone could talk to me about nor could I read about it. The greatest teacher I have for being a mom is my own mother. For all the work, the love and the sacrifice, unending and unconditional, to this day, I have no means to quantify or express my gratitude. The challenges she faced, I couldn't understand as a youth, but I understand now, with six children of my own. It's a beautiful struggle.

One of the great blessings I and other initiates have had at the Earth Center is to visit a great voodoo (translates to "be easy") priestess, Kpessi Kondodo Acakpo. Benin, West Africa, is the home of voodoo traditions, and she has adorned us with great hospitality, knowledge and profound spiritual experiences when we visit.

She taught us that Your Mother is Your First Goddess on earth. Why does she say this?

The Sacrifices of a Mother

In order for a woman to give birth, she has to accept death first. Once a woman decides to bring forth life, she has to accept death at the same time. The two go hand in hand.

During pregnancy a woman experiences a disharmony within herself. The love within her will have to be shared with the life growing within her. The way she goes about her life, she will always have to consider the life within her, not just herself. Her behaviors, what she puts in and on her body, the type of activities she engages in, she will have to consider the impact these things will have on her survival and the survival of the life within. In order to guarantee the success of the pregnancy, a woman will have to do what is necessary to maintain her own stability. Those in her environment will have to consider this as well. The stability or lack there of, of the mother, will define the being coming to life, In other words, a highly unstable and volatile pregnancy will result in a child with a similar energetic disposition.

At the time of the birth itself, a woman's focus goes completely to the life coming. She forgets about herself. After enduring nine months of protecting the life of the fetus, in these final moments, she will have to give herself completely to ensure the arrival and survival of the baby. It is in these moments that she has to accept death in order to bring the life forth. This is why our mothers are our first goddesses here on earth.

Show your love and gratitude to all the mothers out there.

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day!

Kpessi Kondodo Acakpo

Photo by Boukhepra Heqitef

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